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Is the protection of your home in jeopardy? The experienced Ohio foreclosure attorneys of the Cozmyk Law Offices are here to help. Foreclosure defense requires a variety of different strategies, and an experienced attorney can help with the best possible defense. Are you in need of a dedicated and aggressive foreclosure defense attorney? Fill out the online form or call us at 877-570-4440.

Save Your Home From Foreclosure.

A sound foreclosure defense can be obtained in several ways; however, every situation is different. Your options become clearer once an evaluation has been complete. Cozmyk Law Offices offers a free consultation to provide you with the necessary information. At this point you will be better suited to make an informed decision on your foreclosure defense. Peter Cozmyk founded the Cozmyk Law Offices to help Ohio homeowners defend against possible foreclosure. Let our Ohio foreclosure attorneys show you the different ways in which you can save your home from foreclosure. Cozmyk Law Offices helps homeowners with stopping foreclosure throughout the state of Ohio.

Are You A Victim?

Are your loan documents free of lending errors? Do they contain elements of predatory lending? It is important that you are aware of the issues surrounding your foreclosure defense. This includes a thorough review of previously executed documents. It’s alarming that a majority of foreclosures filed over the years have been suspected of fraud. You could be a victim and not even know it. You should always know if you are a victim; we’ll help make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

What is Foreclosure Fraud?

Untrained professionals have publicly admitted to signing thousands of foreclosures with unauthorized signatures. These people are referred to as robo-signers. Experts have found that some of the information on the foreclosure forms provided by the banks was phony. Borrower payment history and vital information should be reviewed during a foreclosure. It has been suggested that many foreclosure cases did not conduct such reviews. Knowing such discrepancies could help prevent your home from going into foreclosure.

Banks May Not Have The Right To Foreclose!

If a bank is to foreclose on a home, it must first own the home. The bank must provide the note of ownership. Since many loans have been resold, the notes may have been stripped from the actual home loans. Plus, many of those lenders end up going out of business. What does this mean? It means that the bank may not own the note. If the bank presents faulty documentation in regards to the ownership of the note, it may benefit you. Several judges have started to side with such homeowners if the banks lack the right to foreclose.

Ability To Get A Loan Modification

If someone else is the possessor of your home loan, they are probably looking at it as an investment opportunity. The bank must present altered terms in regards to the loan modification. These terms may be declined by the second party. You should know who owns your loan and who determines whether or not changes can be made. As unfortunate as it is, many home loan modifications reach a second foreclosure within 12 months. We can help you get the most affordable payments and terms.

Can Cozmyk Law Offices Help?

We break down your documents. If there is any information that could prove to be useful in your defense, we will search for it. Our aggressive pursuit of potential loan modifications may leave you with the affordable terms and payments you need. We can also discuss potential exit strategies; Short Sale, Deed in Lieu or any other option that may be suitable. The foreclosure lawyers at Cozmyk Law Offices aim for the best possible outcome to your foreclosure.

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