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Predatory lending is a term used to describe lending practices that are considered unfair or fraudulent.  If a lender acts in a way that is unethical, deceptive or fraudulent during the loan origination process, the lender may have engaged in predatory lending.  Many homeowners have become trapped in negative amortization loans, adjustable rate mortgages (ARM’s), high interest mortgages and balloon payments.

In recent years, the foreclosures in the United States have skyrocketed. While many foreclosures arise from unemployment, unforeseen financial events, sudden illness or poor debt management, other foreclosures can be attributed to predatory lending. In the past, many lenders participated in lending practices that were unfair and that led to borrowers falling behind on their mortgages. Unfortunately most borrowers will not become aware that they were victimized by lenders until they are financially devastated or facing foreclosure.

Additionally the media has reported thousands of incidences of foreclosure fraud by lenders. Several major banks including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase recently agreed to pay $25 Billion dollars as a result.


The only way to determine if you have been a victim of predatory lending or foreclosure fraud is to complete a FREE in-home document review audit.  Cozmyk Law Offices offers free document review audits to Ohio homeowners who may be in or facing future foreclosure.  To schedule a FREE audit today, please call us at 877-570-4440.

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